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Solar Gard heat control films.

Solar Gard window films are advanced multi layer Nano technology products manufactured under ISO14001 AND 9001 quality control facility in The United States of America . Solargard window tint films highly durable and high heat resistant products which makes it different from the other brands. Solargard window film manufacturing technologies are patended and different from the conventional manufacturing methods.

Solar Gard window tint films are the right investment for your car as it is high technology product which rejects the heat upto 72% and protect you from the harmful UV rays by 99%. Solar Gard heat control films are widely used in the commercial and war flights cockpit windshield for the better protection from the heat and harmful rays.

Solar Gard will be like sunscreen for your automobile, The high performance SolarGard window films blocks the Ultra Violet rays by 99% (UVA & UVB) and protect your skin from the skin darkening and other risk factor of excessive exposure to the sun light which leads to skin cancer . The multiple layers of solargard films protect your vehicle interior fabrics and leather from premature fading due to the harmful sun rays. SolarGard films reduce excessive glare & hotspots and keeps you in comfort and makes your driving really enjoyable.

High performance Solargard films are manufactured with 14 layers of protective coating for the maximum protection from the Heat and harmful rays. The patented multi layer nano technology protective layers does not interrupt your GPS or tele communication system in the desert or weak signal area. Solargard automotive films are available with variety of shades in various performance ratios with enhanced protection with SPF 285 and more.

Ultra Performance

Our Performance Series films have industry-leading color stability, unprecedented clarity, and excellent UV and solar heat rejection.They feature the latest technological advances.

Highly Durable

Our advanced nano technology products are durable than any other in the industry and warranted upto 10 years with factory backed warranty.

3M VKOOL sun control car window tinting films
3m and vkool solar and sun control tint film installation center in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Sharjah, Abudhabi 3m and vkool window tint films are good for car and 3m and vkool have high heat rejection and durability. 3m and v kool window tint film is very highly durable and good quality. 3m window film is not installed in safety film trading, dubai , abu dhabi, 3M tint has 5 years warranty and life time warranty. vkool film is not installed in safety film trading in dubai and abu dhabi, uae which film is good compare to 3m or v kool...? solargard film is made in united states of America. SolarGard film is high heat resistance and durability. vkool and 3m reject heat and sun control capability.sun control solutions are available with 3m and vkool dealer in dubai and abu dhabi, uae solargard saint gobain window films are delivered by authorized dealer in dubai 3m and v kool tint films block uv rays and protect your skin in dubai, abu dhabi, uae 3m is protected by traders in dubai, abudhabi and uae 30% tinting is permitted in dubai and abu dhabi,uae tint law is strictly followed by law. car tinting can be done by dealers in dubai, abu dhabi in united arab emirates, v kool film tinting is available in united arab emirates. 3m film and v kool film are heat protection films. sun protection in very much necessory in dubai and abu dhabi because of high heat exposure in car. car tinting in dubai is done by 3mm dealer in united arab emirates. vkool is good car tinting film available in dubai and abu dhabi in united arab emirates. window tinting is permitted in dubai, united arab emirates. 3m brand car window tinting is legal and better than v kool.


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