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Solar Safety Film Trading offer Smart Window Film (liquid crystal film), which can be transformed to opaque state from clear vision with a simple flick of switch. Smart window films and helps to upgrade your facility to hi-tech modern office. Smart films can provide instant privacy for your facility such as office meeting rooms, hospital, labs etc. Our Smart films can recreate facility environment to multifunctional space that can be converted to quick privacy upon situational demand.

Smart window films are known as switchable glass films, Electric window films, LCD films. Smart applications are countless and offer multiple solutions.  Smart Films control the sun light seam and block ultra violet rays(UV Rays), helping the keep rooms comfortable and protected from solar fading interior belongings. Smart film can reject 90% infrared heat rays and 99% ultraviolet rays. Rejecting infrared rays can reduce heat radiation, and protect people from solar heat burning sensation and skin pigmentation due to ultraviolet radiation.

Smart film can be installed like other self adhesive window films. Smart film can be operated by a simple electrical switch, which controls the opacity of the film, turning it from clear to translucent to provide quick privacy. It can easily be integrated into home automation systems too, giving you control over your finger tip. Smart films consume only 5W of electricity per square meter in a hour while it is power electrical transmission mode,


Smart can be economical and alternative solution to switchable glass technology. Smart films installed surface commonly remain in opaque mode while electricity is not transmitted.  Smart films can function the role of projection film as well due to its liquid crystal properties that generate higher contrast. Smart films functions with higher clarity from rear projection while it is in use with beam projector for home theatre, presentation space of meeting room or glass panels which can be used as outdoor advertisement purposes.  you are effectively converting  these wall into a huge display, thus allowing product showcasing, and attract customer  attention.  Smart film is good for both front and rear projection, and projected images can be viewed from both sides.


Smart Window Films Installation services are available in all seven emirates , Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Ul Quwain, Ras Al Khaima.


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