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In many parts of the world, natural disaster such as earth quake are un predicted. Ground motion during such disaster cause building movement, which may force the glass to break and fall-out, endangering people below or near. Most of the injuries in the event of any natural disaster and other impacts are with the flying broken glass which can be the most dangerous threat to the people. Solar Gard Armorcoat Anti Shatter safety film does not allow the glass to blast apart and prevent the glass from flying in such impact..

High performance security films are used to prevent the glass breakage in any un foreseen accident which may cause life threatening injury to the occupants in the facility . These films can be applied to toughened, annealed, or laminated glass. They are available in various thicknesses, from 2 ml to 14 ml. The film thickness is selected for level of protection desired and the dimensions of the glass pane.

Solar gard safety security window film can be applied for security applications, which prevent forced entry to your home, commercial establishments, office or showroom. (such as glass doors, home windows and glazing units)

Solargard Safety | Security films have the product range with heat resisting properties and shaded for comfortable view where the sun exposure is excessive.


Internal and external applications.

Anti shatter safety films are conventionally installed from inside. But, some of the areas where internal applications are impossible to the reachability or any other reasons, SolarGard Armorcoat safety films offer the solutions for external applications of anti shatter films. Conventional anti shatter safety films cannot be installed external surface. External safety films are specially manufactured with high end technology to resist the UV rays and hard weather condition to perform longer period.


Increased protection in the event of explosion.

In the event any blast | explosions, untreated windows, doors or glass separations may cause widespread damage by breaking the glasses apart which increase the risk of injury. Solargard safety films protect the people in such dangerous situations and keep the the internal environment.


Glass breaks due to the thermal stress.

As Middle East temperature reach close to 50 degree in the peak summer, few of the glazing units are likely to shatter which may result in the most dangerous risk factor of glass break and flying will end up in loss of life and damage to the properties below. Safety film installed windows hold the broken glasses in single piece and does not allow the glass to fall down unless the glass fixing components fails to perform.


Edge Retention | Anchoring System for Glass Windows

In some unforeseen events, such as chemical explosion or bomb blast , high pressure shock wave is likely to push the whole window glass away unless it protected with anchoring | edge retention system. Edge retention | Anchoring system can hold the entire glass unit mechanically connected to the metal frame or base and helps to keep the interior safer for human beings and other valuables.

Solar Safety offering free site evaluation visit in all seven emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah in UAE. You can check our  nano ceramic car protection dubai  Contact us on the following tele phone number to learn more or guidance to reach us to our Dubai and Abu Dhabi outlet. (Dubai Branch 04-3884318, 55 4880816).


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