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Paint Protection

Solar Gard Clear shield Pro Paint Protection Films

Solar Gard Clearshield Pro is the most advanced nano technology product to protect the car body paint finish . SolarGard CLEAR SHIELD Pro paint protections system is a clear thick protective film which can protect your paint finish from the stone chips and scratches. It is a glossy durable solution for your paint finish with UV radiation inhibitor to prevent the paint finish from the gradual fading.

Ceramic Car Body Paint Protection Systems

It is always a pride to drive your car with wet mirror glaze original car paint finish of your favorite car. 9H+ hard nano ceramic automotive paint protection coating systems helps you maintain your original car finish as always new. It is really a tuff task to protect your car body finish as original as car show room finish. Middle east weather condition is always a great challenge to protect your favorite car finish as glossy due to the abrasive dust content in the atmosphere and extreme hot weather condition which is truly a negative influence for a quick transformation to faded, curly car body paint finish.

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blog author Oct 24, 2017

Sun control window film installation on skylite area in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Solar gard architectural high performance window film installation on commercial building property

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