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Solar Gard Sentinel Outside Weatherable window films

Sun In the middle east hits the mercury above 50 degree during the peak summer, most of the air conditioning systems fails to meet the cooling requirement to keep the desired temperature inside during this period. As a part of modern architectural concept, exposure to the sun light also unavoidable.

Here is the major role of the key performer in the sun control solution industry, SolarGrad Saint-Gobain window films. Solar Gard heat rejection window films reduce the solar heat radiation upto an amazing ratio of 82% and blocks 99% of the Ultra Violet rays while allowing the desired comfortable daylight inside. SolarGard films helps to reduce the energy spent in the cooling systems and cut down your utility expenditure by 30%.

Solar Gard Heat Control Window Tint Films

Nothing adds life to your home or office more than great natural light, but it’s also possible to have trouble with excessive level of the same. With natural sunlight, the heat generating radiation also comes in, which can generate hot spots and really affect your overall comfort and make for a less inviting atmosphere. Solar Gard heat control window films reject upto 79% of solar energy- providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare. SolarGard sun control films block 99% of harmful UV(Ultra Voilet) rays which can be the main reason of fading your valuable interior.

Solar Safety Film Trading.L.L.C is the official distributor and responsible installer of Solar gard high performance window films. Our professional services are available to treat any challenging facilities such as high rise commercial building, office glass windows, home or villa projects. Solar Gard window films helps to reduce the interior cooling expenditure by 30% and help you refund your investment by its own. Professional site survey and appropriate product proposal with projected energy saving report can be provided at free of cost.



blog author Oct 24, 2017

Sun control window film installation on skylite area in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Solar gard architectural high performance window film installation on commercial building property

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