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Will ClearShield really stop from chipping the paint finish of my car…?

Yes, The material that it is made from was originally designed to protect the leading edges of aircraft propellers and color rotors blades from the rock chips. It is much easier task to protect your vehicle paint that it is to protect an aircraft propeller moving at nearly the sound of speed.

How hard is it to see on the car after it is applied..?

The material is about 99.5% clear. On any color darker than stark white, you cant see the film.

How long will it last…?

Our product is warranted for 5 years.

How is the clear shield is applied…?

Our computer cut machine cuts the plastic into shapes designed to fit various parts of the car. These pieces are then applied to the vehicle in a very similar fashion to that of window tint. The ClearShield pieces and the painted surface are then wet with a solution and the film is moved into the precise location it is supposed to be. Then the extra solution is squeegeed away as the film dries it adheres to the car surface.

Can ClearShield be removed easily…?

Yes, It can be removed easily and will not damage the paint. It does not leave any glue residue upon removal.

Can it be cleaned with cleaning agents…?

Yes it can be cleaned with normal car shampoo or similar cleaning agents..

Can I see the lines where the clear shield stops..?

A line is slightly visible where the film it stops, but the three alternatives to that line are a bug shield, a car bra or rock chips, all of which will be more visible that the paint protection film.