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What are the benefits of window film application…?

Solar Gard sun control film rejects the heat radiation and helps you to reduce the energy spent on air conditioning. Solar gard blocks the UV rays and protect your interior valuables from gradual fading.

What are the ratio of solar heat radiation and UV rays rejected by solar gard window films…?

Solar gard window films rejects solar heat radiation upto 82% and Ultra Violet rays by 99% which is the main factor of interior fading..

How can I benefit by choosing Solar Gard window films…?

Solar Gard products helps you to recover your investment by reducing the utility expenditure and return your investment in period as short as 5 years by saving energy costs. Solar gard films protect your valuable interior from fading by blocking the UV rays by 99% which is the major factor of interior fading.

Can Solar gard window films reduce my utility bills…?

Certainly Yes, Solar gard window films rejects heat and reduce the electricity consumption used for air conditioning.

What is the warranty terms given by Solar Gard window films…?

Solar gard warrantee the products upto 10 years and it last much longer depends on the mode of maintenance.

What are the certifications of Solar Gard window films…?

Solar gard window films are certified by ISO9001 : 2004 , ISO 14001 :2008 and recommended by NFRC, Skin cancer Foundation, Clinton Foundation

Can Solar Gard films be installed outside as well…?

SolarGard has a special product range which can be applied on outside of the glass surface as well. Common window films are not recommended for external applications.

Why should I choose Solar gard window film than a tinted glass….?

Tinted glass absorbs the heat and transmit into the room slowly while Solar Gard window film rejects the heats and keeps the interior cooler and comfortable.

How does the Solar gard window films perform and rejects the heat ….?

Solar Gard films are manufactured with advanced Nano technology. Solar gard window films are constructed with the latest technology by processing upto 15 layers of different kind metallization which prevents the solar radiation from entering through the glass.

Can I install the film by myself…?

Solar gard have a global distribution and service by authorized dealer or distributors network in the every country. As window film application require a minimum skill, Self application is likely to be improper and it can not be warranted by the Solar gard.

Any other benefits by window film applications…?

Yes, window films can be a protective layer on the glass surface in case of any accidental glass breakage. Window film can hold the broken glass and prevent from shattering which can be dangerous to the people.

Any recommendations for cleaning my windows installed with films…?

Yes, For better durability and life span, we recommend you to use mild cleaning detergents and No to use common cloths or towels used generally which may contain invisible abrasive objects which may damage the hard coating and glossy finish by time.

What are the other services and products recommended…?

Solar Safety Film trading. L.L.C promote the solutions for interior and exterior glasses of Homes, Offices, Schools, Malls , Residential and commercial towers with architectural films. We apply solar gard automotive window films for cars and buses in our ULTIMATE TINT SHOP located in Dubai. Our range of safety and bomb blast films are recommended for embassies, banks and similar properties where the high end security is concerned.

Does a professional consultation cost me…?

Not at all, Our professional consultation and recommendations are absolutely free, services available in all seven emirates in U.A.E