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Solar Gard Armorcoat safety films

Safety films are used to prevent the glass breakage which may cause injury to the people . These films can be applied to toughened, annealed, or laminated glass. They are available in various thicknesses, from 4 ml to 14 ml. The film thickness is selected for level of protection desired and the dimensions of the glass pane.

Solar gard safety film can be applied for security applications, which prevent forced entry to your home, office or showroom. (such as glass doors, home windows and glazing units)

Solargard Safety films have the product range with heat resisting properties and shaded for comfortable view where the sun exposure is excessive.

Internal and external applications.

Solargard offer the solutions for the internal and external applications of safety films. External safety films are manufactured with high technology to resist the UV rays and perform for longer period. Personal safety

In many parts of the world, natural disaster such as earthquake are un predicted. Ground motion during such disaster cause building movement, which force the glass to break and fall-out, endangering people below or nearMost of the injuries due to any natural disaster and other impacts are with the flying broken glass which can be the most dangerous threat to the people. Safety film does not allow the glass to break apart and prevent the glass from flying in case of any impact..

Increased protection in the even of explosion.

In the event any explosions , untreated windows, doors or glass seperations may cause widespread damage by breaking the glasses apart which increase the risk of injury. Solargard safety films protect the people in such dangerous situvations and keep the the internal environment.

Glass breaks due to the thermal stress.

As midle east temperature soar in the peak summer, glazing units are likely to break which may result in the most dangerous risk factor of glass break and flying will end up in loss of life and damage to the properties below. Safety film installed windows hold the broken glasses in single piece and does not allow the glass to fall down unless the glass fixing agents fails to perform.



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